Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Smart Engineer

Are you really a Smart Engineer? If yes, you should be really good at exploiting the script languages and automating the design process. My point is a good VLSI engineer must be really comfortable in writing scripts and running simulation in batch mode. Today most of the young engineering graduates use even Linux as Windows. Its a big problem. The trainers in VLSI training schools too do not urge people to use scripts. Its time for us to train the trainers on design automation.

I have recently visited one of my MNC customers, who has already employed our Aceic engineers as contractors for his projects, to understand his expectations from my engineers, in terms of technical expertise and skill sets. He told me very precisely that VLSI engineers must be good at technology and automation as well. I shared my concern and told him about the current scenario of young engineers. Immediately he suggested me one thing that I should remove the mouse from all the computers. You might be surprised or even confused. Yes, he is 100% right. This is how we can really force the engineers to use commands.

We engineers in industry use VI editors and scripting languages like Perl pretty much to write the programs and automate the simulation respectively. I don't think that you really need somebody like me to guide you to learn them. Google is just enough!

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