Thursday, February 18, 2010

Design Your Career in Very Large Scale, VLSI

To understand why you need to learn the Chip Design technologies, you really need to understand the Semicon Policy rolled out by the karnataka government.

Karnataka unveils semicon policy at ISA Vision Summit

The government of Karnataka, in association with IT department and the India Semiconductor Association (ISA), rolled out the state semiconductor policy at the 5th ISA Vision Summit 2010. The policy was released by Karnataka chief minister B. S. Yeddyurappa in the presence of the state's IT & BT Minister, Katta Subramsanya Naidu, ISA chairman B.V Naidu, India government DIT additional secretary Rakesh Singh and other dignitaries from the government and the industry.

The chief minister of Karnataka, B.S.Yeddyruppa in his address stated, "A comprehensive policy has been set up to cover VLSI design, EDA, solar, photo, embedded and other components of the sector. This policy will create a new beginning in the decade. The ISA Vision Summit has provided an ideal platform for international thought leadership to focus on India's growth in the semiconductor industry." He noted that the IT and BT state department worked in close partnership with ISA to create the exclusive policy. "I am given to understand the industry will grow to $400 billion [Rs.18,47,080 crore] nationally by 2020 and I can assure that more than 30 per cent of it will be contributed from Karnataka. Karnataka is the undisputed leader in IT contributing to $15.5billion [Rs.71,574 crore] of software exports last year of which more than 30 per cent pertained to high-end technology and embedded designs. Multinational companies involved in semiconductor design are located in Bangalore making it the largest hub. Over 80 per cent of design work is done in Bangalore and we propose to create fund for semiconductor excellence in R&D and chip design for Rs.10 crores."

Lauding the policy, ISA chairman, B.V. Naidu said, "ISA welcomes the Karnataka Semicon Policy and we are happy that most of our recommendations to the government have been considered and this policy will play a significant role for achieving $120 billion [Rs.5,54,124 crore] electronic system design and manufacturing (ESDM) industry to grow in Karnataka. Announcement of the semiconductor policy is the first of its kind in India and reflects the spirit of government to continue its growth in the country."

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