Monday, October 5, 2009

Chip Market Outlook

The last quarter of this year is important for those who want to start their career in the semiconductor industries. If you are planning to do any career oriented VLSI course, do it now and make yourself ready when the semiconductor companies start recruiting candidates in the beginning of 2010.

Take a look on the chip market outlook. You can understand why I am suggesting you to act fast.

Chip market outlook for 2010 and beyond:

* 2010: +19 percent based on: continuing recovery momentum (NB … this could be a lot, lot higher).

* 2011: +28 percent based on: peak of the structural cyclical boom (NB … this could stretch into 2012).

* 2012: +18 percent based on: normal cyclical market correction starting 2H-2012 (1H-2013?).

* 2013: +3 percent based on: market correction in full flow (NB … this could be negative).

The year 2014 could well see the start of the next cyclical recovery! Given the impending 2010 fab shortage, the upside for 2010-12 is said to be huge.


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