Friday, September 25, 2009

Interviews - Are they nightmares?

Generally I write blogs based on my experiences. This time I am writing this blog based on the bad experience of an young engineer in the interview. In this blog I would like to share some of the guidelines usually interviewers follow during the interview process and explain the main objective of the interview process.

If you think that interviews are the nightmares and interviewers usually harass the interviewees, you are wrong. Interviewers are the brand ambassadors of their organizations. Organizations choose the interviewer very carefully. Usually the organizations choose the experienced technical guys who really know how to extract the best out of a person.

The main objective of interview is to identify the right candidate for the job, not to disrupt the confidence of the interviewee .

Some of the guidelines that interviewers usually follow during the interview process are :

[1] Make the candidate very comfortable - usually we talk about general things like hobbies, climate, travelling experiences etc. This makes the candidate to feel as if he is talking to a well known person.

[2] Explain about organization’s business and culture and the job - We do this mainly to impress the candidate and motivate him to try for the job willingly

[3] Allow candidate to explain and interact more - Do not talk too much about your experiences and achievements. Allow the candidate to explain about his achievements and understand how he is different from others.

[4] Find the best candidate - Do not compete with candidate. He may be smarter than you ... why not? Accept it... and help the organization to find a person who is smarter than you. This is the reason why organizations always choose SMART interviewers

[5] Mind your behavior - Smile, be polite and help the candidate to project himself in the best way. Usually good interviewers provide lot of suggestions, especially to solve the technical puzzles and find out how the candidate performs.

I still remember, when I was waiting at the reception for an interview, the VP of that company came personally and received me. He opened the main door and invited me for the interview. I felt at that moment that I want to work for that organization.

Do not worry about the odd experiences that you had with some immature organizations. Its natural, you will always have some bad experiences in your life. It does not mean that the complete world is lethal ... Forget about the bad experiences, make yourself ready for the next interview.

Mahatma Gandhi said, " Nobody can hurt me without my permission ". That's what strong people do in their life. So, Why don't you ...